Useful Links and Resources

This page contains links to resources such as the download links for Reaper, Osara, and SWS, along with links to tutorials and other resources. If you know of any links to other resources that you feel would be helpful to people using Reaper with accessibility options then let us know.


Use the below links and the instructions found on the relevant sites to install Reaper, OSARA and SWS. If you’d like an audio walk through, listen here.

First, Get Reaper Here, install and run the application. At first it won’t be accessible however it helps to run the application once prior to installing Osara and SWS.

Next, install OSARA

Finally, install SWS

Reapers Without Peepers Mailing List

The RWP (Reapers Without Peepers) Mailing List is a very helpful list for those learning or using Reaper, and accessibility options on either the Windows or Mac platforms. For further information and details on subscribing, visit: Reapers Without Peepers.

WhatsApp Reaper Access Group

This audio chat group on the WhatsApp platform is another source of assistance for those learning and using Reaper. Join the ReaperAccess WhatsApp Group

Paid Training Courses

The most comprehensive library of paid tutorial material designed for people starting with Audio Production and more specifically, Reaper, can be found here.