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ReaProducer - Accessible Audio Production with Reaper

Jun 12, 2018

During a recent update to OSARA, the key map has been updated, and upgraded. There are a number of new key assignments , and rearrangements to existing keystrokes. These are outlined below.

Once you install the new key map, turn on shortcut help with F12 and explore the U, G, dash and equals, keys with the various modifiers and you will find the majority of the changes, however there are some others. Read on for a full list.

Newly Added Actions


  • Control+Alt+F6 Options: Solo in front
    This action toggles between standard solo and in-front solo. When in-front solo is enabled, soloing a track will turn all other tracks down by a configurable amount. by default this is 18dB, and adjustable in preferences > Mute/Solo.


  • Alt+\ SWS/BR: Options – Cycle through record modes
    This action will toggle the record mode between Normal Record, time selection auto-punch, and selected item auto-punch


  • Control+Shift+U SWS/BR: Analyze loudness…
  • Shift+U SWS/BR: Normalize loudness of selected items/tracks…

These actions allow analysis and normalisation of either items or tracks to a LUFS standard.

Effects Related

  • Alt+Control+L FX: Show/hide track envelope for last touched FX parameter
  • Control+Alt+Shift+PageUp SWS/S&M: Move selected FX up in chain for selected tracks
  • Control+Alt+Shift+PageDown SWS/S&M: Move selected FX down in chain for selected tracks
  • Control+Shift+B Monitoring FX: Toggle bypass
  • Alt+Shift+B SWS/S&M: Toggle all take FX bypass for selected items

Two actions that many have called for adding to the key map are those for moving effects up and down in a chain. The action to toggle last touched effect parameter is another that many have chosen to add to their key map, and these are all now in the map by default. Monitoring effects can be added via the View Menu, and affect what you hear through the master out, without affecting the render of a project, use the above action to toggle bypass on this. The action to toggle bypass on all selected items has also been added.

Item Editing

  • Control+H Item: Heal splits in items
  • Shift+V Take: Paste as takes in items
  • Control+Alt+Shift+, SWS: Move selected item(s) left edge to edit cursor
  • Control+Alt+Shift+. SWS: Move selected item(s) right edge to edit cursor
  • Windows+Shift+, Custom: trim left edge of items respecting ripple
  • Windows+Shift+. Custom: trim right edge of items respecting ripple
  • Windows+Control+X Item: Cut selected area of items
  • Windows+Control+C Item: Copy selected area of items
  • Windows+Control+Delete Item: Remove selected area of items
  • Windows+Control+T Item: Trim items to selected area

There’s some extremely useful keystrokes in the above list, such as healing items and the ability to paste an item as a new take within another item.

The Two custom item trim actions are extremely useful. You can use the actions by firstly selecting an item and than moving the edit cursor to where you’d like to trim the item edge. If you place the edit cursor within the bounds of the item you selected, the current ripple mode will be respected when the action is run. However if you are outside the bounds of the selected item, the ripple mode will be ignored. Let me give two examples.

Let’s say we have an item on a track and cut the end of it off by splitting and deleting a section. Later we decide that we want to grow some of this item back. We could select the item and use the action – Grow right edge of items, to grow back the section. However a quicker way would be to select the item, move the edit cursor past the item to the point where we want to have our item grow to, than use the action – trim right edge of items respecting ripple. This will grow the right edge of the item out to the point of the cursor. This is also useful when you want to loop an item, given the properties of the item are set accordingly, select the item, and move forward as far as required through the project and grow to that location with trim right edge of items respecting ripple. Remember, that when you use this action outside the bounds of the selected item, it does not respect ripple.

Another way you might use these actions is to select an item than move into the middle of the item and either trim the beginning or end of the item. For example, if you want to remove the beginning of an item, you could split the item, and than select the first section, than delete. This can also be done with the newly added custom actions. So, rather than splitting and deleting, you can just move to the point you’d have split, and use – trim left edge of items respecting ripple, this will indeed trim the item to the selected point and respect ripple.

In the same way that if you had split and deleted, trim would have been respected, using this new action from inside the bounds of an item, ripple will be respected. Also, when used outside the bounds of an item, ripple is not respected, just like when you grow the edge of an item. All a bit confusing at first, but play with these and you’re bound to find some use cases.

The actions to do with “Area of items” that have been bound to Windows+Control, or Control+Command on the Mac, act in a similar way to, Smart Copy, Smart Cut, etc, however these do work more reliably with Midi.

Rearranged Keystrokes

Effects and Automation

  • Control+F Item: Show FX chain for item take
  • Shift+E Envelope: Insert new point at current position
  • Control+Shift+I Envelope: Insert automation item

Project Zoom

The existing bindings located on the number pad are still available.
* – View: Zoom out horizontal
* = View: Zoom in horizontal

Glueing and Sub Projects

  • Control+U Item: Glue items
  • Control+Alt+U Item: Move items to subproject (non-destructive glue)
  • Alt+U Track: Move tracks to subproject


  • Control+G Item grouping: Group items
  • Control+Shift+G Item grouping: Remove items from group
  • Shift+G Item grouping: Select all items in groups
  • Alt+G Track: Set track grouping parameters
  • Control+Alt+G Options: Toggle item grouping override


  • Control+Home Transport: Go to start of project
  • Control+End Transport: Go to end of project
  • Home Go to start of time selection
  • End Go to end of time selection
  • Alt+Shift+Home Go to start of loop
  • Alt+Shift+End Go to end of loop
  • Alt+Shift+Left View: Move cursor left to grid division
  • Alt+Shift+Right View: Move cursor right to grid division


These assignments are currently duplicated on their prior positions, however the old bindings may be reallocated in the future.
* Alt+Shift+- SWS: Recall previous snapshot
* Alt+Shift+= SWS: Recall next snapshot
* Alt+Shift+Backspace SWS: Recall current snapshot
* Alt+Shift+` SWS: Open snapshots window

Time Compression and Play Rate

  • Control+Alt+- SWS/FNG: Time compress selected items (fine)
  • Control+Alt+= SWS/FNG: Time stretch selected items (fine)
  • Shift+- Transport: Decrease playrate by ~0.6% (10 cents)
  • Shift+= Transport: Increase playrate by ~0.6% (10 cents)
  • Control+Shift+- Transport: Decrease playrate by ~6% (one semitone)
  • Control+Shift+= Transport: Increase playrate by ~6% (one semitone)

Item Editing

  • Alt+Shift+, Item edit: Move items/envelope points left by grid size
  • Alt+Shift+. Item edit: Move items/envelope points right by grid size
  • Windows+Control+L Item: Copy loop of selected area of audio items